Minecraft Connecting Scouts

ScoutLink Minecraft is a substantial open-world video game where you dig (mine) as well as build (craft) different kinds of 3D blocks within a substantial one-of-a-kind globe. Check out various terrain types, battle dozens of monsters, and also build your dreams!

In this world the sunlight rises as well as establishes as you set about your work, collecting materials and also making devices. Working with your own or as component of a team, the only limitation is your creativity.

Take a look at our map to tour the web server and also see what the precursors are developing by go here, and join us!

Exactly how to play

Minecraft comes in three different editions for different platforms– computer, smart phones, and also consoles (Playstation and Xbox). In order to use ScoutLink Minecraft you need the computer version (also known as Java Version), which you can purchase from Mojang at https://minecraft.net/en/store/minecraft/.mc_connect

Begin Minecraft as well as chose “Multiplayer”. Include brand-new web server and also type minecraft.scoutlink.net as server address (we utilize basic port 25565).

When you visit for the very first time you spawn at the hub. This is a global gathering place where you chose which gamemode you wish to play (survival, innovative, mini-games or city-world). Simply go through the site listed below each heading to sign up with that gamemode. You can additionally kind/ survival,/ creative,/ city and/ skywars.

Remember you can alter gamemode whenever you intend to by inputting/ center to get to the hub or any of the commands over.

Besides that, the hub is an excellent location to conversation and also hang out with other scouts from around the world.